Saturday, 11 April 2015

Beauty - Penneys Beauty Range Review

Over the past year, Penneys have introduced a beauty and makeup range called P.S. Love...Beauty. They are introducing new makeup products all the time to their range, and I have been trying them out bit by bit.
I will be doing another blogpost on this topic when I try out more and more of their range.

1. P.S. Love.... Eyebrow kit, €1.50.
This was actually the first thing I tried out in the Penneys Beauty range. I thought I had to buy a mega expensive kit like one of Benefit's kits to get my eyebrows on fleek (on point/whatever's on these days), but when I was getting my eyebrows done, the beautician recommended these Penneys beauty eyebrow kits - as if I needed another reason to go to Penneys! The packaging is not as fancy as the Benefit one (actually quite basic as you can see), but don't let that deter you!
As you can see, this small but powerful eyebrow kit contains an eyebrow wax and two eyebrow powders as well as a tweezers and a double sided brush for easy application. I don't use the wax and the eyebrow powder in the middle is a little too light for my naturally dark eyebrow colour, so I've always used the eyebrow powder on the right. I'm so impressed with this eyebrow kit. It is so easy to apply. This one is super buildable so makes the task even easier and if you mess up, a wipe with your finger is usually all it takes to get rid of the error.  It lasts all day and all night too, amazingly. The fact that it comes with a tweezers too is a great added bonus as well. Such a great find!

2. P.S. Love.... Liquid Foundation, €3.
Like I mentioned, there's new additions to this range all the time, and their latest product is foundation. To be honest, I hadn't high hopes about this - not because of the cheap price - but because I struggle to find a foundation that suits my sensitive skin and combination skintone. However, I was very impressed with this foundation. It has a beautiful smell. It glides on very smoothly, so you can apply it with your fingers or a foundation brush or a beauty blender - whatever you prefer. Once on, it gives a lovely matte appearance even without applying some powder. I tried it out for a night out to really determine it's staying power. To my surprise, it stayed on for the whole night and didn't make my skin look oily, dry or cakey, so I really couldn't recommend this enough. For that price, it's definitely worth giving a go. My shade is in Light, and it matches my complexion exactly.

3. P.S. Love.... Liquid Eyeliner, €1.50.
After the success of the eyebrow kit, I tried out the liquid eyeliner. It has a really thin brush for precise application. It smells very disinfectant like, almost like TCP Liquid. But when I tried to apply it, it stung my eyelid so had to remove it! I haven't used it since January, and even though the expiry date is six months from purchase, it has already started to go very gloopy. Definitely not impressed with this one! It does give a very subtle, precise line so if you don't have sensitive skin, give it a go, but for me personally it didn't work.

4. P.S. Love.... Volumising Ultra Black Mascara, €2.
Penneys have a number of mascaras in the range and I will be trying them out in due course. The first one I tried (randomly) was their volumising ultra black mascara. This comes in purple packaging like you can see. The brush is big to allow for easy application. My eyelashes are quite small and thin but even after one coat I noticed a massive difference - my eyelashes looked longer, thicker and fuller. I think it's definitely worth picking up.

5. P.S. Love.... Gel Eyeliner, €2.50.
After my misfortune with the liquid eyeliner from this range, I bought the gel eyeliner to see was that any better. it comes with a flat brush for easy application. You screw off the top and that is essentially the brush. I find it is quite watery and doesn't really have a strong pigment, and clumpy and difficult to apply. I think I only used this once - ever!

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