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Beauty - Ten Products Under €10

I've been using a lot of cheap beauty products recently on both the looks I've tried out for the blog and in daily life, but I am aware some of you may doubt the quality of these products because they are so cheap. To be honest, I would have thought the same before I tried and tested these products out! Granted, there are some that are not great, but many of them are great quality products that I will continue buying, and that is not just me being frugal - if a product is good quality but expensive I will buy it too. I've decided to do a quick review of ten products I have in my make-up bag that are under €10, from first impressions to staying power. I hope to do another ten products under €10 over the coming weeks, this is just to get started. These are in no particular ranking either.

1. Boots Seventeen Define and Conquer Kit, €7.59.

All the talk about Kim Kardashian's chiseled cheekbones created by contouring, as well as every beauty YouTuber I ever laid eyes on being on about it, led me to seeking out a contouring palette.
The price was obviously the first thing that appealed to me about this kit. The kit is made up of a dark bronzing powder on one side and a highlighter powder on the other, making the job of contouring easy. It comes with a mirror too, a nice added bonus. The kit even comes with instructions on where you should apply both powders. I first tried this out for a night out over the Christmas season. It looked fairly obvious where I had applied the contour when it was put on my face first. But within two hours, the contour had faded. I've hardly noticed it on the first blog post that I used it in. I used a flash on my camera on a photo I obviously didn't put up on the blog and couldn't even see where the contour was. The highlighting powder was virtually non existant on my face, even from the initial application. I think this contour kit is best for someone that just wants a slight, extremely subtle contour (and that's perfectly fine!), maybe a beginner, as it does seem to be targeted that way, especially with the handy instruction sheet. You definitely won't get Kim K's obvious contour with this one! I like the contour to look slightly more obvious, so for that reason, personally I didn't like this. I haven't used this kit since and contour my face using a matte bronzer and a highlighting powder. The matte bronzer I use at the moment is Benefit Hoola (looking for a cheaper alternative though) and the highlighter powder I use is Catrice Highlighting Powder.

2. Catrice Absolute Nude Eyeshadow Palette, €5.49 (Penneys).
I had read reviews about this eyeshadow palette online that raved it was a good quality affordable dupe for the Urban Decay Naked palettes. And as I'd rather pay a fiver than thirty euro, I said I'd give it a go!
This palette contains six different eyeshadow shades, ranging from a light shimmery champagne tone to a dark brown. The lighter shadows (on the left of the palette), are shimmery while the shadows on the right are more matte. The back of the palette contains the simplest of instructions that even a child could follow to create a perfect smoky eye. The palette comes with a double sided brush for easier application.
What I love about this palette is that the eyeshadows are super easy to apply and even easier to blend out. I've used them both for a day time look and a night time look, using both the shadows to the right and the left. It claims to be long lasting, and they really are! They last the whole day and night for me. Well worth a try.

3. Essence Quattro Eyeshadow in 09 'Denim 4.0', €3.49 ( Penneys).
I did a blog post using this very eyeshadow palette a few weeks ago. Like I mentioned in the post, I bought it a few months ago (don't panic about expiry dates, the expiry date is actually very long on this - 36 months! - I don't know if it is the same with other products in this brand, to be honest, this isn't a brand I use very much nowadays). As I also said in the post, I just thought blue smoky eyes were best left in the 90s or early 2000's but then I thought, maybe I just didn't know how to use it properly. So after watching a couple of YouTube videos (I'm not an expert by any means, nor have I said I was!), I took it out of it's hibernation and used it.
First impressions when I was using the silver eyeshadow was that it wasn't great quality - I felt like you had to use loads of product to get even a hint of colour on the eyelid, but as I used the bright blue eyeshadow, I felt it improved - much better quality. The dark navy shadow I placed on the outer V of my eye was also very strong pigmented. The glitter really dark navy eyeshadow scattered down my cheeks and all over my face when I applied it, which was why I was thankful I hadn't done my foundation then - it would have been ruined!
I find this eyeshadow palette is quite bland on it's own - for a night time look it needs to be helped along and jazzed up by the liquid and kohl eyeliners which I did do. Regarding staying power, it does last a few hours but it starts to fade quite quickly (you would need to re-do it if going for a day to night look).
It's worth trying out for the price as it doesn't break the bank but I wouldn't buy this product regulary. I  think this brand in general is quite cheap and ineffective makeup.

4. Nivea Essential Care Lipbalm, €2.09 (Penneys).
As this was a good and trusted brand, I obviously had high expectations for this cheap but cheerful lipbalm. And it did not disappoint! As my lips have been cracked and slightly dry (from the horrible Irish cold weather, not from any action :P), I have been using this before applying lipstick or lipgloss. It softens the lips within minutes so you will notice a difference if you apply this about 10 minutes before applying lipgloss. The smell and taste is super nice on your lips. A great buy for protecting your lips from this cold weather.

5. Catrice Defining Blush in 080 'Sunrose Avenue', €4.49 (Penneys).
The price was the first thing that attracted me to trying out this product. It's super small, so it will fit in even the smallest of handbags. It is super soft to apply. You only need a tiny bit of it to be nice on your skin, so be warned - I messed up this a few times initially by applying too much, so I looked like I had been running for miles - you want a look that makes you look subtly fresh faced. Therefore, this blusher will last a long time (doesn't reach it's expiry date until 12 months from purchase). It's dermatologically tested too, so it won't irritate sensitive skin peeps like myself, and there's no strong smell off it either. It's oil free too, so great for combination or oily skin. Give it a try!

6. Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer, €6.49 (Penneys).
I recently decided to give a primer a go after hearing so much about the importance of primers in applying your makeup. I chose this Nivea one as it was affordable and from a reputable brand. It smells absolutely gorgeous, and as the name suggests, it does soak into your skin super quickly, leaving absolutely no oil residue. It did help my foundation stay put all night, but to be honest, I didn't find it that better than my Simple moisturiser I always use. I didn't like the fact that it came in a pot too, so you do need to stick your fingers in it - slightly unhygenic! Personally myself (and I know many people feel the same way), I would just prefer a moisturiser with a  cap on it just to prevent any dirt going into it and therefore transferring to your face.

7.  Catrice Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Pencil in 010 'Ultra Black', €2.29 (Penneys).
This has been a favourite of mine for the past year. After buying (and hating) Benefit Bad Gal kohl pencil (it is a huge pencil, making application difficult, and kept wiping off my waterline within minutes - not impressed!), and not really feeling any of Rimmel's, and being a bit too broke for all the others (blame college life!), I decided to give this one a try, the price being the main reason I picked it up - at just over €2 I figured I hadn't much to lose. It has a super easy, smooth application. It's easy to smudge, so it's perfect for adding some dramatics to a smoky eye look. I've used this both for day time looks and for night time looks over the past year, so I can definitely say that it's been well tried and tested (and even slept in the odd time!) and it honestly does last for hours. Give it a try!

8.  NYC Liquid Eyeliner, €2.40 (Penneys).

I never had much faith in the NYC brand, because past experience with their foundation was not so good - I couldn't find a shade to match my pale skin tone exactly, it left my skin super patchy and dry and also caused breakouts. However, when the Irish fashion and beauty blogger Suzanne Jackson (So Sue Me) reviewed her top 5 eyeliners on her blog and this was one of them, I had to give it a try - sure for €2.40 I had to! I'm really glad I did. I really really really love this eyeliner. It has a bigger brush than most liquid eyeliners do for nicer and smoother application, and doesn't sting my eyelid like many others have done, so it's great for somebody with sensitive skin. Best of all, it stays on all night - I have evidence of drunken selfies on my phone taken at 4am and the eyeliner is still looking as good then as it did when I applied it at 6pm (those selfies will not see the light of day on the internet though - a bit cringe!). A great buy, one of my favourite makeup products at the moment.

9. Kubiss London powder in No.2 'Candle', €2. (local chemist).
The price attracted me to this matte powder, I decided for that price it was worth a shot. First impressions - it smells old fashioned, reminds me of a perfume my granny used to wear or talcum powder, and it's quite strongly scented like this too, so if you're not into strong scents on a powder or just feel wary of them because of sensitive skin, stay well clear - although I have sensitive skin and this powder didn't affect my skin whatsoever. I find that this powder is really good for initial setting down of foundation, but for nights out or even a day time look, it does need to be re-applied, as it does lose it's magic after 2 hours or even less. But I didn't mind that (sometimes!). I also feel like you need to apply lots to your skin to get it to work, but then it makes your base look off colour.  This is a nice affordable powder if you don't mind the frequent added touch ups. Kubiss is a relatively unknown brand from the UK, I bought it in my local chemist in Mayo because they had an offer on on the brand there - three makeup products for €4 - so being the bargain-hunter I am, I just had to give it a go. I also spotted it in a chemist in Sligo too a few months back. I recently bought their light reflecting concealer and matte foundation that I will be reviewing on the next Ten Products Under €10. You can browse their products on their website -

10. Catrice Infinite Shine Lipgloss, €3.49 (Penneys).
The price again was the thing that attracted me to this product. I have alot of Catrice products, it probably sounds like I'm a rep for them at times, but  I really like their products, so was eager to try out their lipgloss. I first tried it out a few weeks ago. It smells and tastes absolutely gorgeous - like marshmallows - so that was a major plus for me as I hate lipsticks and lipglosses that taste so gross on my lips. It's non sticky, so it won't get stuck in your hair while you brave the windy weather (it has been tried and tested numerous times!). It doesn't have amazing lasting power so you will need to re-apply it a few times during the day and a night out - for a night out from 8pm-4am I'd typically have to reapply this about 4 times, which still isn't that bad. It keeps your lips super moisturised and soft as well. I often use it over a nude lipstick like I did in the blogpost with the smoky eye look to give it added shine. It's definitely worth trying out.

That's all for now lovelies,
until next time,

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