Thursday, 5 March 2015

Beauty - Blue Smokey Eye and Nude Lips Makeup

So I've had this Essence Quattro Eye shadow in 09 'Denim 4.0' for a few months now but I thought blue smokey eyes were a bit too 90's so I left it to the back of my makeup bag, where it remained - until now! Honestly love this look right now. It's a really dramatic look for a night out really - or a day out, whatever you're into! - that looks super glam teamed with black liquid eyeliner and some false lashes! :)
So I started off by priming my skin with my Nivea Daily essentials express hydration primer. I did my eyes before my base. I just prefer it that way it's easier and I've had too many unfortunate incidents with messing up liquid eyeliner (my hands are really as shaky like an old woman) and therefore messing up my lovely base to risk it anymore. I used the light concealer in my concealer palette to get act as a primer for my eye shadow and also to hide any discolouration on my eyes. Using the silver eye shadow in the Essence kit, I applied it all over my eye right up to my brow bone. I then got the bright blue eye shadow and applied that from the base of my eyelashes to the mid section of my eyes. I applied the navy eye shadow to the outer 'V' of my eye and smudged it slightly. I blended the 3 eyeshadows together gently to get rid of any harsh lines. With the dark navy glittery eye shadow I applied that on the lash line. I applied NYC black liquid eyeliner on both eyes giving a slight flick at the outer corner. I used lashings of Catrice Kohl eyeliner on my waterline and smudged it in slightly for that grungy feel. I applied Benefit They're Real! Mascara to my upper and lower lashes. You could apply false eyelashes to this look but I think this mascara is just as good! Onto my base! I used green concealer in the concealer palette to get rid of any redness. Foundation I used was Maxfactor Skin Luminizer foundation in 40 'Light Ivory'. First time using that foundation and I love it so much, definitely is one of my favourite foundations to use at the moment. I set this with Kubiss London face powder in No.2 'Candle'. I applied Benefit Hoola bronzer lightly on areas that the sun would naturally hit my face (not very believable I know in Ireland but sure) and used Catrice Defining Blush in 080 'Sunrose Avenue'. I used Catrice Prime and Fine highlighting powder to highlight (duh!). I used Penney's PS Beauty browkit to fill in my eyebrows. I applied some Nivea lip balm to soften my lips before applying NYC Lip Colour in 439 'Love my Latte'. It's a nice subtle colour that won't clash with the dramatic eyes. I added Catrice Infinite Shine lip gloss over the lipstick for added shine.

Regarding the quality of these products, this was my first time ever using this Essence palette so I haven't a clue what it's like for staying all night, so I'll have to test that out shortly. But I think the pigment is quite good when you take into consideration the cheap price of it. I will be doing a blog post reviewing a few of the items that are quite cheap that I've used recently, as I think a lot of people are doubting the quality of them as they are so cheap.

As for the high end make up products, I was advised to try Benefit Hoola as I really struggle to find a bronzer that looks (somewhat!) natural on my fair Irish skin. I will admit that while it is a really really good bronzer, it is more than a bit on the expensive side, so I am in the process of trying out some more affordable options at the moment.

Likewise with the Benefit They're Real! mascara. I had heard great reviews about it so personally just wanted to try it out for myself. I think it is a really good mascara, probably one of the best I've ever tried, but again it's expensive. I'm on the hunt for a mascara that's as good as this product.

Apologies, the picture quality ain't that great and those who are wondering - I need to use Snapchat as it has a slight flash on the front camera! :)

                                                           Product Details

Max Factor Skin Luminizer foundation in 40 'Light Ivory'. €15.99, Boots.
Concealer Palette. €10, Chinese wholesale website.
Essence Quattro Eyeshadow Palette in 09 'Denim 4.0', €3.49, Penneys.
Benefit Hoola Bronzer, €34,Boots.
PS Beauty Browkit, €1.50, Penneys.
Kubiss London powder in No.2 'Candle', €2, local chemist.
Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer. €6.49, Penneys.
Catrice Prime and Fine Highlighting Powder, €4, Penneys.
Catrice Defining Blush in 080 'Sunrose Avenue. €4.49, Penneys.
Benefit They're Real! Mascara. €26, Boots.
NYC Liquid Eyeliner, €2.40, Penneys.
Catrice Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Pencil, €2.29, Penneys.
Catrice Infinite Shine Lipgloss, €3.49, Penneys.
Nivea Essential Care Lipbalm, €2.09, Penneys.
NYC Lip colour in 439 'Love my Latte', €2.49, Penneys.

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