Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Hello ladies!
Welcome to my blog!!
I have a huge interest in fashion and makeup as well as checking out all kinds of blogs on them so I just decided to go the whole hog and make one for myself after months of deliberation - sure why not!
So what makes kissandmakeupnow.blogspot.ie different from all the other blogs out there? I'll be basing all of my looks on reasonably affordable products that I've tried and tested that can be easily bought in Penneys or Boots as I know from my own experience as a young teenage girl and also as an extremely broke college student you just don't have money for all expensive beauty brands but still want to achieve a nice look. Honestly you will find that these cheaper products work sometimes as good if not better as the high end products, so rest assured I will only be backing high end products like Mac if I can honestly say hand on heart I was really really impressed with them,  even then I will suggest more affordable options! 
I will be posting makeup looks I tried out on myself, product reviews, outfits of the days and nights, and much more! so if you want to keep up with my fashion and makeup ideas and looks, then keep tuned ! :)

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