Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Beauty - Review of Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25 Hour Nude Foundation

From reviews I had read online, this Rimmel foundation fared pretty well, so despite my previous dissatisfaction with this brand's foundations (I personally felt like they didn't cover my skin very well and started to wear away quickly on my combination skin), I decided to give this one a try as it promises to last for a whole 25 hours (don't know who would be awake that length, but sure!). It was priced at €9.99 in Penneys too, so I said why not. My shade is 100 Ivory, in case you can't see it clearly in the photo - I think this is the lightest shade in the range.

On the day I decided to review this product, I was going into my local town to do some shopping. After cleansing my face with Boots Tea Tree Oil & Witch Hazel Foaming Face Wash (€4.79) to get rid of any oil and dirt that may have built up over night and also to clean off the excess of my night face cream, and moisturising in 3 thin layers with Simple Kind to Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser (€4.99, Penneys) in order to give it the best base in which to cling to, I put this foundation on at about 2pm. I set it with only a light dusting of powder to really investigate the foundation's staying power. I was going for quite a casual, natural look that day so I applied a little bit of NYC Volume by the Lash Mascara (€3.49, Penneys) to my upper eyelashes only and lightly filled in my eyebrows using my PS Beauty Browkit (€1.50, Penneys). I applied just a tiny bit of Vaseline to my lips.

I had used this foundation before, for my first ever blog post (the gel eyeliner and pink lips look - Check. It. Out!), but for some reason I had only worn it then for about 3 hours, then wiped it off, which although showing me it achieved a natural look, didn't give any insight into how well it lasted.

First impression - it smelled quite nice, like most Rimmel foundations do. The packaging is quite basic though like a lot of other Rimmel foundations - a glass container with only a white top.

I found however, that it doesn't cover any spots at all. I know concealer is really supposed to cover the spots, but a lot of my other foundations (like Catrice and Maxfactor), do cover spots a little. This one scooted by the spots, which means the really obvious breakout I'm currently experiencing on my chin remained obvious as ever after application. I took pictures of the initial application then, both with and without flash, and without an Instagram filter (scary shit!), as you can see from the screenshot. First reaction was that it was quite natural and looked like I was wearing no makeup, which was the desired look. My sister commented that I had a 'healthy glow'.

Coming back from town, 3 hours later, I took more photos, both with and without the flash, and without an Instagram filter. I don't touch my face at all during the day, because I'm a little paranoid about transferring germs to it, but noticed that the foundation had already started to fade around my nose and even moreso around my chin. My forehead had already started to become oily too!

For the purposes of research, I decided to keep this foundation on while I went for a run. I never ever ever  wear makeup while exercising, because it blocks your pores when you sweat, therefore causing breakouts, but I wanted to test this foundation to the maximum, exposing it to the cold Irish weather.

Two hours after the run, and 8 hours after application, with zero touch ups, I took more photos, both with and without the flash, and again without an Instagram filter. To give this makeup some credit, I found that in certain areas, it had lasted well, but it had started to wear away even more at the cheeks. So much so that my sister had even asked did I take off my foundation yet! Lasting Finish - yeah right!

It sounds like I'm dwelling on the bad points of this, but this isn't a bad foundation though - if you are on the hunt for a natural-looking, medium coverage (for normal skin anyways!) foundation that is affordable too, then this is your guy. I'd recommend it for someone going for an interview who doesn't want to look too done up, or someone going to school that wants to wear makeup but doesn't want it to look like they are (if that makes sense?). I might even use this myself again if I'm going for an interview or I want the natural make-up look (provided I top it up every few hours!). It also contains SPF 20. But overall, for me personally, this just didn't work - I prefer a foundation with a bit more heavier coverage that doesn't wear away after just a few hours with my combination skin.

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