Saturday, 8 August 2015

Beauty - Caring for Dry Skin

I've done a skincare blogpost before, and I mentioned in it that I have dry skin.

A huge cause of dry skin is the weather. In Ireland this year our summer has been more like winter, with plenty of rain (rain, rain and more rain), wind and cold temperatures, and this of course takes it's toll on your skin. Dry air will leave skin feeling extremely thirsty. Indoor heating and all this nice warming up against the fire (although super nice!), wrecks havoc on the skin further as it will strip more moisture from the air - and your skin. While we obviously can't unfortunately change this unseasonable weather, we can do something about how we react to it. If possible try to keep the thermostat at a cooler temperature.

Setting the shower to a hot temperature soothes your body after a long day of work, but it certainty won't do your skin any favours. It dries out the natural oils in your skin a lot quicker. Standing in the shower long enough for you to have deep thoughts about the universe/life/other important shizz or to belt out your favourite tune is also a no-go area. Dial down the temperature to lukewarm, and try to keep your showers as short as possible (not a bad thing thanks to these pesky water charges). Save the sing-along for the car or your bedroom! 

While you're in the shower too, it's worth noting that even though some shower gels and soaps smell super nice, some are more than a bit harsh on your skin and will send your skin's moisture straight down the drain. Use a mild, fragrance free shower gel on your skin (Simple do amazing ones) that will moisturise as it cleanses. That Simple shower gel will set you back a mere three euro.

Have you noticed that your favourite jumper might be to blame for your dry skin? Often it's the fabric, fabric softener or the washing powder you're washing your clothing in. Lots of everyday products can irritate the skin - from dryer sheets to perfume. "Free" is the key word to bear in mind when it comes to choosing products - fragrance-free and dye-free, or look out for ones specially formulated for sensitive skin, I know there's many washing powders that are available for baby's sensitive skin such as that Fairy's one there.

Dry skin may be an underlying cause of a health condition as well. If it's scaly and red, it could be a symptom of determitis or psoriasis. It could also be the symptom of diseases such as diabetes or an under active thyroid gland.
Disclaimer: I'm not saying it is, but if it refuses to go away, it might be worth getting checked out!

Here are a few of products I have tried out in the past that I find work well on my dry skin, some for face and some for body.


So obviously it goes without saying that if you have any bit of dry skin at all, you need to have a good face moisturiser in your life, especially to act as a base when you're applying makeup. I've been using this Simple Kind to Skin Light Hydrating Moisturiser on my face before applying makeup for the last six years. I find that usually one layer is enough, but if my skin is especially dry I apply it in three thin layers. I have done a more in-depth review of this product on my skincare regime blogpost, please see HERE. It currently costs €5.29 in Boots. If you have sensitive skin I would highly recommend you to try out the Simple range, I cannot recommend it enough and most of the products are under ten euro as well, so it won't break the bank.

E45 Cream is something of a cult product when it comes to dry and sensitive skin. It's unperfumed and uncoloured. I personally find it a little too greasy so I wouldn't recommend it to use as a base before applying makeup for that reason. I prefer to use a light layer of it during the day after cleansing when my face is makeup free, if you apply a heavy layer it will cause pores to become clogged hence causing spots. Though if you use a light layer it does help your skin to be super smooth and supple. It costs €7.99 at the minute in Boots.

I tested out Garnier Moisture Match 24 Hour Ultra Hydrating Rich Cream which is specially formulated for Dry to Very Dry skin, mainly because my sister had bought it and at the time my skin was extremely dry. The packaging as you can see is quite girly and pink. It smells absolutely fabulous, quite flowery. It is absorbed very quickly into the skin and makes your skin super soft and smooth. As the name suggests, it is indeed very rich so like with the E45 cream I would really not advise to wear this as a base under your foundation or it will slide right off. Often products for dry skin are also formulated for sensitive skin as the two conditions often go hand in hand, but this is the exception, as it did sting my sensitive skin quite a bit. It costs €4 in Boots if you want to give it a try.


Nivea have a good reputation for being leaders in skincare so it will come as no surprise when I say the two body moisturisers I use on a regular basis are by the brand.

Nivea Rich Nourishing Body Moisturiser: This comes in a navy plastic container as you can see. It contains Hydra IQ formulation which is a patented intense moisturisation technology specially formulated by Nivea which penetrates deep within the skin to foster new aquaporins (these are water channels in the skin that allow water molecules to travel in and out of skin cells), thus regulating the skin's moisture balance and reducing moisture loss. It also contains almond oil which has been used in skincare for centuries due to it's moisturising properties.
I'd use this product for a deep moisturisation if I spend a bit too long in the shower or if my legs feel dry after shaving them. I wouldn't be a fan of using this moisturiser after I shower and shave before applying tan. The proof is in the name that is guy is super rich and heavy and if you apply fake tan even three or four hours after it will rub off as it takes it's time to completely absorb. If you have no choice, shower and shave and apply this then apply tan the following day. The smell is fabulous though (like sun cream, which makes me weep for our lost summer!), and this smell lasts long after the moisturiser has been absorbed. It costs €3.54 in Boots.

Nivea Express Advanced Moisture Care Lotion
This is like the above product's sibling, same container design, only in white. It's designed for normal skin, but I use it on my dry skin as it's less rich so it's much faster absorbed into the skin, which means of course it can be applied once you come out of the shower to moisturise before applying tan for the night. Nice smell, it doesn't last quite as long as the above product's smell and is just more barely there.  It will set you back €3.66 in Boots right now.

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