Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Beauty - Pixie Lott Daisy Festival Look

So I was floating around Pininterest the other day (highly recommend it for bloggers if you want to get any inspiration in many genres, like fashion, beauty, lifestyle, etc) and came across this photo of the singer Pixie Lott and as soon as I saw it I knew I wanted to do my own recreation of it. I think it's super cute for summer festivals and it didn't look that difficult to do either, so I said sure why not.

Even though I'm a budget blogger and use inexpensive beauty brands in every one of my blog posts, I decided to make this look ultra ultra affordable!

Starting off, I cleansed my face using my Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel foaming wash (review of this product HERE), and applied some Simple Kind to Skin Light hydrating moisturiser (also reviewed HERE) as a base and Nivea Essentials lipbalm (reviewed HERE) to my lips. I don't usually apply foundation before eyes, but your face will need to be fairly matte and oil-free so the face paint will stick on it and won't rub off.

Pixie's freckles are showing in the second picture there, indicating that she's used a light base. Many people use BB creams or tinted moisturiser for the summer, and you can use that for this look if you so wish, but I was working with whatever I had in my make-up bag so I used Rimmel Match Perfection foundation in the shade Ivory,which was reviewed on my blog last week (see HERE). It comes with an SPF 18 as well which is great for the summer (even though it's kinda wasted on Irish weather!). I applied Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer under my eyes (also reviewed this last week) and set them both with Catrice All Matt Plus powder.

I then started on the face art. I bought a pack of five face paints in the 2 Euro shop, they came with their own paintbrush. The daisies don't have to look like Pixie's, she looks to have them applied fairly randomly so that's what I did on myself, it doesn't have to look perfect, I quite like the 'undone' makeup looks anyways at festivals.

For eyes, it looks like Pixie has gone for a brown eyeshadow on the lid with a gold shade in the centre. I used the brown and gold shades from the Penneys (Primark) own beauty brand eyeshadow palette - it contains 10 eyeshadows for €3.50. I've nearly finished m
y review on another 5 of Penneys own brand makeup products so I'll have that up on the blog shortly. She has quite alot of kohl eyeliner applied so I applied New York Color Kohl Eyeliner to my waterline and my tightline (inner eye), and made it work double duty and so applied it to my eyebrows as well! After curling my eyelashes I then applied lashings of New York Color mascara.

For the rest of the face, I applied a light dusting of Catrice Sun Glow Shimmering Bronzing powder.

When I first saw the picture of Pixie, I thought she had applied a red lipstick, but it looks now like she had just applied quite a dark enough looking lipgloss. Anyways, I applied Penneys own brand orange-red lipstick (€2). I know some people might not be keen on wearing a red lipstick, and that's totally cool, you can wear whatever shade you desire, but personally I like wearing a bright lip.

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