Thursday, 18 June 2015

Beauty - Essence Disney Cinderella Range Review

To coincide with the Disney movie that was released a few weeks back, the German make-up brand Essence released a Cinderella beauty range - that consists of a highlighter powder, eyeshadow palette, lipgloss, blush and some nail art. I'm only focusing on the make-up products as if anyone has seen my nails knows they are too short to apply any nail art to them as I have a horrible habit of biting them!

I've already mentioned in the blog that I don't really rate Essence make-up products too highly - I think they're generally of bad quality and not even worth the little price you pay for them. I use the word generally because from my previous blog posts people picked up that I don't like them at all - there are some of their products I really love such as their Liquid Ink Liquid Eyeliner, but the majority aren't great. Will this Cinderella range exceed my poor expectations? Let's find out!

Essence Cinderella Highlighter Powder in '01 The Glass Slipper' - €4.09.

Deciding what product to and try out first in this limited edition range was a no-brainer - the beautiful rose-embossed packaging of this highlighter powder drew me in like a bee to honey! It looks a pale pink in the packaging and is quite matte so no sparkly bits, despite the fact that it is Cinderella product! I think it's really beautiful on and not too in-your-face yet not too subtle, so it's a really great find. More than just a pretty packaging.

My rating: 5/5.

Essence Cinderella Eyeshadow Palette in '01 It's More Than I Ever Hoped For' - €4.79

As you can see, this eyeshadow palette is not quite as fancily packaged as the highlighter powder - quite basically packaged as you can see from the picture.. Six different eyeshadows make up this palette - four that are on the bright side and two that are on the darker side. It contains a double ended sponge applicator. The back of the palette contains instructions on how to create a smokey eye - apparently you have to apply the four brighter shades on the lid and up to the eyebrow socket and the darker shades go on the outer V of the eye, so I did as it said. I didn't use the sponge applicator - I really don't know why these are included in eyeshadow palettes, they really don't assist with much and make the eyeshadows very difficult to blend. I didn't apply eyeshadow primer to really test the staying power of these eyeshadows. First impressions are that the four bright colours are really not pigmented well, barely show up whatsoever in fact. The swatches on my (very pale!) arm even directed in sunlight showed that.

The darker shadows are more pigmented by far, but not by much. Like another Essence palette I used, this eyeshadow lasted for the whole day but it did start to fade quite quickly I noticed throughout the day.

My rating: 3/5.

Essence Cinderella Blusher in '01 So This Is Love' - €4.09

This is again, not as impressively packaged as the highlighter powder but cutely packaged all the same as you can see. The blush is a mid-tone pink with coral tones. It looks bright pink in the packaging, so I was a bit wary of using it. I applied only a tiny bit on my brush. Once on however, surprisingly it looks quite natural, and gives a lovely flushed appearance. It lasts all day too. A really nice blusher if you are going for quite a natural look, but try and only use a light hand to make it natural.

My rating: 4/5.

Essence Cinderella Lipgloss in '01 Sing, Sweet Nightingale' - €2.49.

This is quite basically packaged as you can see. The colour in the tube looks quite glittery and glossy it reminded me of a lipgloss I used to get free with teenage magazines back in the day, so I wondered about the quality of it. It's quite sweetly fragranced, almost to the point where it's sickeningly sweet. It does apply quite smoothly to the lips but the small brush doesn't deliver much product to the lips, and for me I found it needed three atte
mpts before it coated my lips fully. Once applied, it appears much like a regular clear lip gloss would, with absolutely NO HINT of this sparkle that you can see in the tube, and also felt slightly sticky on my lips too. It also causes your hair to stick to your lips
in the wind! It's staying power is quite good however, and once applied it will stay good for two/three hours.

My rating: 2/5.

Stockists: I bought all of these items in Penneys (Primark) in Ireland, and in my local Penneys they are still available, but as this was a limited edition range they may not be available anywhere anymore except for Ebay.

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  1. Hi, I was wondering if you be selling this collection ? I am interested in the blush and the highlighter. If you are let me know on thanks!