Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Beauty - Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle: Part 2

You may remember about two months back I did a blogpost explaining how I am trying to grow my nails after biting them for years. I bought Sally Hansen Nail Growth Miracle and decided to try it out. It promised to give 30% longer nails in just five days, and so my blogpost was all about my thoughts on the product after using it for five days (see HERE).

I was supposed to write up a blogpost exactly a month later, but with moving over for uni and everything else I lost track of time and to be honest forgot all about the follow-up review I was supposed to post, so you're getting it over two months later, soz!

I applied a thin coat to my nails once a day. As you can see, there was a huge difference in the growth in my nails. Absolutely amazing! They grew back better on the left side because the right side would be the nails I'd most frequently bite as that's the hand I write with and do most things with. (by the ways, the black is not dirt, it's actually some very stubborn nail polish that I put on for my going away celebrations back in Ireland and I had no nail polish remover until recently so...).

My friend asked me a while back if the whole experience of not biting my nails had been difficult for me the last month. And I won't lie - it's been one of the hardest things I've had to do! It was made more difficult by the fact that this Sally Hansen nail growth treatment is not like the stuff my mum used to get me years ago in an attempt to get me to stop biting; when you'd bite your nails you'd get this horrible taste so you'd be less inclined to bite them again - if you've ever tried it before you'll know exactly what I'm talking about! Ugh! This product had no taste to put you off biting whatsoever. It was all willpower. I had to actively stop myself from biting my nails and as somebody who bit her nails for 13 years, I am proud of myself.

I won't lie though - I have an odd nibble now and again when I feel stressed. The last few weeks have been the most... I won't say really stressful, because for the most part it's been amazing - I'm enjoying living here and have met some really super people so far... but it's definitely been challenging, because even though there are similarities to Ireland, I am living in a different country, getting used to a new course and university, starting a new job and getting used to a new accent (it's quite strange not hearing an Irish accent everywhere I go!) Anyways, I bought a second bottle of this Sally Hansen stuff for £9.99 in Boots recently and I'm making it my aim, starting this week to get back to where my nails were in the photo below, so fingers crossed I actually manage to stop for good this time!

Anyways, here are the photos for you to judge for yourself whether it helped (before I ruined it all...)

Hope you enjoyed this post! xx

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