Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Beauty - Beauty Trends Autumn 2015

I wouldn't describe myself as being a slave to trends, but as a blogger it's part of my interest to keep an eye on what's going on regarding them. Over the past few weeks, from checking out beauty websites, other blogs and social media, I have been compiling a list of beauty trends that are going to be huge this autumn and what better day to post this than the first day of September (really feels strange writing that, I thought the day would never come but it has actually come around so so quick!). I hope to do a blogpost tutorial on each of the looks I'll mention here over the course of the season, but I am about to become a full-time university student soon so you'll have to bear with me on that one!

1. Face
The harsh regime of contouring that the beauty world has been experiencing the last while is out the window this season and in it's place comes a much more wearable regime. This trend is all about natural makeup. Picture the scene - you're coming in from work/college/school after a chilly windy day and look in the mirror (unless you're like me, then you do not look at yourself after a day of college as you're confident you look like shite). Chances are you'll have a natural flushed, peachy, rosy colour in your cheeks. This beauty trend is not only so nice on but it's so, so easy to recreate. You don't have to be fiddling with 1237 brushes and wonder if it's all blended in or whether someone can check out your contour lines (a genuine concern of mine on most nights out!). Bit of blush, natural lips (lipstick or gloss, whatever one most floats your boat) and simple hair and eyes. Rosie Huntington Whiteley has the look nailed and looks stunning as always (though in fairness, the girl would look stunning with any kind of makeup or clothes on her).

Now where's my modelling contract?

2. Lips:

(i) Bold red lips are a huge trend this autumn. I find red lipstick so glamorous and so effortlessly sexy that it is a beauty trend that will never go out of style ever and it's one beauty look I really like to embrace not just in autumn but all year round. At the moment the red lipstick I'm currently loving is Boots Seventeen's Stay Pout, as it applies to the lips well and is matte so will stay on all night. Oh, and it's a steal at €5.60 too.
To really rock a red lip, keep the rest of your makeup simple (as the red lips really are the star attraction here), with matte skin, a bitta light blush and a slick of winged eyeliner. Taylor Swift knows the craic. Fab!

(ii) This one is a bit of a no-brainer - vampy, dark sultry lipstick is always a huge beauty trend come autumn. The trend of black lipstick is floating around recently, and even though I'm keen to give it a go just for experimental sake, I really don't think it's flattering on many people and it isn't exactly that wearable unless you have lips the size of Kylie Jenner as the really intense black tends to make lips look a lot thinner and plus it seems too costume like even for me - I really can't imagine anyone walking around my local Tesco wearing it!

Dark berry lips and dark purple lips are a hell of a lot more flattering on us mere mortals with not plenty of cash to flaunt on lip fillers like the pampered Jenner sister.

First thing's first - don't be put off or intimidated by wearing a darker lipstick shade. Makeup is all about experimentation and if you don't like it, you can always wipe it off and say you gave it a go.

I found two pictures of two talented actresses online - Lily Collins and Selena Gomez - both rocking the dark, vampy lip colour to perfection. Lily, like myself and like many of my readers, is pale and fair skinned while Selena is olive skinned and tanned. As you can see, it suits them both, and so it's not so much about your complexion but rather what makeup you accompany your vampy lip with. Like the red lipstick mentioned earlier, you should focus on keeping the rest of your makeup fairly simple, which is exactly what these two girls have done. Eyes should be simply made up, with just a nude colour and a hint of mascara, and blush should be kept to a minimum to let the dark lipstick take centre stage.

I have been loving dark lipsticks since earlier this year and I'm obsessed with Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick in Starry Eyed. As you can see from the swatch on my hand below it's a beautiful dark berry shade, which complements my pale skin so so well. It costs €5.50.

3. Eyes
(i) As our lives become more dramatic going back to school and college and all, so becomes our eyeliner! The key with this trend is to not take things too seriously and just have fun with it. Go dramatic as you dare! If you don't feel comfortable, even just extending a basic cat eyeliner flick out a few inches and making the eyeliner slightly thicker will do the job just as well. If you suffer with shaky, granny hand syndrome like myself, invest in an eyeliner pen like these beauties from Catrice that will allow you to draw a thin line to get a gist of where your eyeliner is heading in, they work well for me and better still, they only cost about three or four euro. If you are really struggling with the eyeliner but want a dramatic eyeliner shape, not to worry! I'd recommend you to check out this innovative eyeliner called 'The Curve' by NYX Cosmetics. It has a unique shape that basically makes the eyeliner easier to hold and grip so you can apply eyeliner without a hitch. I am very keen to try out this product soon, I've heard such good reviews about it, it's definitely one on my wish list! I haven't actually tried out any products by NYX yet, so I hope to change that very soon! It costs about sixteen euro if you're interested in checking it out.

Here are just a few pics to get you inspired:

(ii) Another big trend for the eyes this autumn is a metallic eyeshadows, with golden and copper tones. It looks fabulous in the picture below, doesn't it? I think it looks amazing teamed with a nude lipstick as seen on the beautiful Lily Collins (does that girl ever get it wrong in the beauty stakes?) but I think it just looks exquisite with a purple or a berry lipstick. Again, the rest of the makeup must be kept quite simple to allow for the eyes to be the standout of the look.

I hope you enjoyed this blogpost, and found it informative and learned a trend or two from it! I'm really excited to show you my interpretation of some of these makeup looks too, so stay tuned for that over the coming season!

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