Thursday, 19 November 2015

Beauty - Natural Collection Eyeliner, Lipstick and Lipgloss Review

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Natural Collection is one of a few make-up collections exclusive to Boots.

If you're as broke ass and on a budget as myself, you'll be keen to try out this range, as every product is less than £2/€3 and there's often 3 for 2 offers available. But is it any good is the question we all want to know?

Liquid Eyeliner in 'Black'
First thing's first about this brand - it is quite basic. The packaging is nothing too fancy at all, basically white or black with the brand name written on the front and a few sentences detailing what it is and that it is all of natural ingredients (well I'd like to think are as natural as possible). It is dermatologically  tested (if it gets in your eye it won't sting the absolute bejaysus out of you!) and has no fragrance either, which means if you have extremely sensitive/dry/troubled skin, you should definitely try out at least one of these products!

The smell off this liquid eyeliner is quite unusual, it weirdly smells a little bit like fake tan. The brush is super thin as can see from the picture to allow for easy application which to be honest is nothing short of a godsend if you're unfortunate enough to have clumsy and shaky hands like myself. The lasting power surprisingly is amazing for the price paid! My eyes water sometimes due to my frequent wearing of contact lenses and yet this baby stays on and won't run - no panda eyes yay! But I did find the product's consistency to be slightly watery so I really would advise applying the eyeliner line first, then repeating the process and going over it to make sure it looks really defined and more there than just barely there. It costs £1.99/€2.79 for 8ml.

Moisture Shine Lipstick in 'Rose Bud':
I've been on the hunt for a natural looking, everyday, easy-to-wear lipstick for quite a while so the next thing to try in the range was obviously this lippy! Again, basic packaging.  It applies very smoothly to the lips and has no yukky taste, horrible smell and no irritation.
This one looks very pink in the tube, but it's actually quite wearable and is actually the same colour as your lips. It's super soft and moisturises too. Great buy. It costs £1.99/€2.79.

Juicy Lips Lipgloss
As the name suggests, this lipgloss smells like juicy fruit (not the chewing gum, like actual juicy fruit, strawberries most likely!). It applies very smoothly to the lips, doesn't drag across the lips at all like many more expensive products do. Most importantly, it tastes unreal, good enough to eat actually (but please don't eat it!). It looks very natural on, so suitable partner for your dramatic eye makeup looks or for everyday wear, and the staying power is pretty amazing too! It costs £1.99/€2.79.

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  1. I love Natural Collection Products - their blushers are so good! Lovely post, your blog is so cute <3

    Love & Hugs
    Frances xoxo

    1. Me too, I must try out more of their range! :) awh thank you so much, and thanks for reading my blog too. I've checked out your blog too, love it. Thanks for the comment xxx